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Shade Netting

Shade net, or shade netting is widely used in agricultural purpose as greenhouse shade nets.
Made up of finest quality raw material, these greenhouse shade nettings are widely used in hilly area where sunlight is often minimal and cultivation requires such equipment to survive.

Since temperature is very important for plants to thrive in the greenhouse, it is important to have a way to keep the green house cool. The plastic (polypropylene) mesh shade cloth is reusable, available in black or other colors, providing 73% shade from the sun on hot summer day. The reduced temperature helps protect your special plants. All the shade nettings have reinforced edges with grommets that make it easy to attach and remove.

Sizes Available:
HV-90 - 8’ x 4’
HV-91 – 8’ x 10’
HV-92 – 8’ x 12’
HV-93 – 8’ x 16’
HV-94 – 12’ x 12’
HV-95 – 12’ x 16’