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Greenhouse Shade Netting

Greenhouse shade screens are used to protect all greenhouse grown crops. The greenhouse shading system is made of 4mm wide aluminium and plastic strips held together with a strong yarn. Special aluminium and transparent plastic strips give it superior reflection and transmission efficiency. This guarantees a low daytime temperature as well as very high energy savings, and keeps the crop temperature close to the ambient temperature during the night. The result is a better climate in the greenhouse with minimum risk for dew formation on the leaves, reducing disease problems and lowering the energy costs.

The knitted structure of the plastic mesh shade netting allows sufficient water vapour to pass through, preventing condensation drops to form on the underside of the screen. The flexible structure also allows the screen to be folded into a very small bundle in an open position, making a maximum light transmission possible.

Plastic mesh shade netting is an inside screen for all types of greenhouses and greenhouse covering materials. It is used for overhead installations, sliding as well as suspended.

Specially knitted plastic mesh is a highly UV-stabilized product with excellent antistatic properties, the screen will stay clean and efficient for many years. The applied UV-stabilizers are resistant to all common chemicals used in greenhouses.