welcome to Wangzu Shade Netting Co.

Welcome to Wangzu

Wangzu is China's leading manufacturer and marketer of shade netting products. The Company's diverse products include plastic mesh shade screen, netting and system for agriculture, greenhouse, outdoor, indoor and industrial uses.
Wangzu specializes in producing round and flat knitted monofilament shade netting, dust-protection net, anti-wind net, rice net, anti-bird net, safety netting. All the products are exported to Japan, South-east Asia, Middle East, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Italy, South America. The appended FR and UV ...




Agricultural Shade Netting

Plastic mesh agricultural shade netting offers protective covers specifically for agricultural use to enhance earlier, higher yields and protection against winter weather, spring freezes and pests. 

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Thermal Screen

Plastic mesh thermal screen systems allow growers to obtain climate control all year. With using of thermal screen, winter heating bills can be reduced by as much as 50 percent when screens are closed at night. Once the heat is in your structure, it will stay longer with the presence of a properly equipped thermal screening system.

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Greenhouse Shade Netting

Greenhouse shade screens are used to protect all greenhouse grown crops. The greenhouse shading system is made of 4mm wide aluminium and plastic strips held together with a strong yarn. Special aluminium and transparent plastic strips give it superior reflection

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